Master a new experience mapping method for Web3 governance design.

Build Web3 content on top of side-treasuries, and discover novel revenue streams with blockchain.

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We reinvented governance design for blockchain.

Linear design as you know it out the door,
non-linear conversation design for web3 just arrived.

Governance Design combines functionality, experience and engagement in web3 content.

Map experiences and content that compounds effort and insight over time.

Interactive Storytelling and Web3 business models create novel knowledge economies.

Novel Web3/Meaningful Business Models

It’s time to design incentives beyond money.

It’s time to co-create new ways of living with all things people value.

Governance Design adds the human layer to AI, unleashing our collective genius.

Keeping people at the center of shared decision-making is key for a humane future.

We co-discover & co-produce a new governance design field and missing infrastructure for blockchain that unlocks novel governance models and new revenue streams, one conversational module at a time.

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Design research for missing blockchain infrastructure:

An interaction-layer / social protocol for blockchain, based on interactive content and incentive design.

Design Research: Timewarp Protocol

A user-friendly and pleasant Conversational UI that unlocks content innovation and governance solutions.

Design Research: Conversational Wallets / Networks

A novel pre-prototyping action method to distribute decision making & governance mapping to groups.

Design Research: Experience Mapping.

Membership Benefits

Experience mapping for the knowledge and action economy is here.

Web3 governance design unlocks content strategies that allow us to earn with blockchain. (Yes, that is huge!)

Streamline effort in co-creation events with novel social design templates.

Map non-linear governance solutions together by mastering to design with language first.

Design your web3 content to bring novel decision-making systems into our digital networks.

Web3 content guides individuals and groups to meaningful outcomes.

Web3 content compounds effort and insights over time.

Design web3 content with 30 incentives, not just money.

Recent Work

Building ‘lego-bricks for conversations’ allows us to speed up governance innovation together.


Your assistant tells you what
happened since you were away.

Collective Genius Unleashed

Assistants channel people’s energy towards meaningful outcomes.

Web3 Content

Tracks & Compounds effort forward in 5-10 minute sessions, allowing people to stay in the now.

Partners (hidden)


Governance Design Library

Ingredients & Recipes, Exercises and Workshops to design your Web3 ecosystem as Assistant.

Assistants deliver personal and collective web3 content, and facilitate cooperative web3 economies with two sets of values: personal and collective.

Experience Mapping gives us the opportunity to create new ways of living that are both social and more just.

Examples of actionable Web3 content that distributes outcomes.

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The only educational sprint that compounds effort.

Novel co-creation tools, work out loud sessions and live classes for individuals and business.