About Oneweeksprints


There is no Unified Experience Design Language, Blockchain compatible UI approach, and Standardised Data-Structure to bring revenue potential to the blockchain space.

Think beyond speculative value.

When hierarchy is removed working together is difficult. Everybody thinks they are right, people want to bring what they find is important, and rightfully so. Yet, what we build is technical, and often not ready for non-technical family and friends.

We bring our Web2 mindset, and centralised concepts to Web3. Web3 is about new communication, novel organisation and decentralized information systems.

Web3 is content-driven innovation on top of a built-in financial layer.

For Web3 to succeed we can’t just take our Web2 methods, we can’t build Wallets to mimic the transaction systems we already have, our design methods have to evolve as well.

Web3 gives us the opportunity to design empowering software, and our self-developed Stellar Design Program give us a unique way to bridge Web2 and Web3.

It’s time to position the blockchain as novel actionable content infrastructure.

We developed a visual design method, and this opens the door to actionable content, decentralised decision-making tools, and novel revenue streams with blockchain. Get your sprint, and we’ll teach you Stellar Design within a week.

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