Stellar Design for Web3

Reinvent Community Collaboration and discover novel revenue streams with blockchain together.

Hi! I am Niels,

I help companies to shift mindsets from pages to conversations, and from transactions to interactions in the blockchain space.

Redefining governance from control to participation is the paradigm shift we are currently in.

Blockchain is a governance tool, and to bring significance to chain we need to rethink how we design with money (blockchain). At the moment governance is defined as control in our world, and that is something everybody felt the last few years.

What we need to realise is that blockchain is a tool for innovation and participation. So although regulation is relevant for fiat-crypto-fiat ramps, we need to learn to design Cooperative Web3 Economies with blockchain.

How do we bring the co-creation of value to chain, is the unanswered question, as money is a tool to distribute labour.


Blockchain as it currently stands misses a unified design language, a standardised data-structure and a user-friendly interface approach, blocking meaningful web3 software and mass-adoption.

The Stellar Design Partner Program allows us to innovate content delivery, makes information actionable across (side)chains, and unlocks (non)tokenised revenue streams for side-treasuries.

Co-producing Actionable Content Appstore with Blockchain allows us
to find novel revenue streams together.

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Three Concepts for a Cooperative Future

Are you ready to move from functional software to actionable web3 content?

Stage 1 – Master Stellar UX for Web and master to pre-prototype with language first.
Protect Food Security and design actionable content for participation networks.
Deploy a community innovation platform on the blockchain, and embrace digital governance.