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Action Labels: Education

Design with language first using Verbs, Adjective & Nouns.


Action Labels set the focus for groups/teams to break down, do desk research, find related content and breakdown the action label into conversational sub-networks until clarity and understanding is reached.


Action labels are simple: verb (action), adjective (perspective), and noun (domain). Boost domain clarity by breaking down action labels using the same structure. Most of the time it take 3-4 breakdowns to create clarity on a topic.

If you get stuck, use experience brainstorms to gather domain or topic specific language. Let’s map and build actionable content for education and participation networks together! 🚀


  • Map existing software applications.
  • Humanize software with functional, experience, engagement perspective.


Note that verb adjectives and nouns can be mixed and matched. Action Labels are a great tool to set focus in the group.